The Parking Garage is now open on 4th Street Downtown Greenville!!

The Parking Garage is now open on 4th Street Downtown Greenville!!

I am happy to announce that the new parking garage opened today, and it is Free to Park there, after 5pm. You can their website, if you want your garage door to be fixed. Door springs are a major part of a garage door, and it needs proper fixing, that can be easily handled by the team from garage door repair aldine. If you park there before 5pm there are some 2 hour free parking and there will be some leased parking on different levels. Sometime in the future there will be some metered parking for 75 cents an hour. But right now it is free and 2 hours free till 5pm. Thanks to – garage sales in Charlotte, NC for helping me to make a difference in my society.

For the last 20 months downtown Greenville has had some growing pains. I personally having a business downtown, and my family having businesses downtown for 50 years we have seen the downtown change from being open street, two ways, to a closed open mall, back to open streets, one way streets, I have seen all the changes over the years.

I hope this new parking garage will help the businesses downtown.

Take a look at the pictures and video above of the new parking garage.Garage-5-Top





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