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Results and Videos Of Team GAMMA Team Palhares at the US Grappling Submission Only Greensboro NC 1-31-2015.

We took a team of six to the US Grappling Submission Only in Greensboro NC on 1-31-2015. Everyone Place in their divisions. They brought home Four Golds Two Silvers and Five Bronzes. Every on the team stepped up., they are always challenging themselves. No Sandbagging here!!Watch The Videos Here.

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Blue belt in BJJ competes against a Brown belt in BJJ in NO-GI see what happens.

This is one of our blue belts, Oleksander Alex Humen, competing in the advance division at a US Grappling in Greensboro NC, on 1-31-2015. It was a really tough division, with a brown belt and a two stripe black belt. Alex stuck it out and won against a brown belt in BJJ. Really cool match. You can see his final match against the black beltHERE.

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Cool Throw Pulled off at a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Tournament

You don’t normally see these types of throws in a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Tournament, especially at a submission only event, and almost never at a higher ranking division.

This is Jay Speight in the absolute division purple belt, at a US Grappling event in Greensboro NC on 1-31-2015. you can see he pulled off a hip toss that left the crowd in surprise.

You can watch the whole match HERE

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