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Ches Lamm First MMA fight!!!

Ches Lamm, fighter from Team GAMMA, Greenville Academy Mixed Martial Arts, took on a 2-1 fighter in Raleigh NC at Next Level Fight Club promotions. Even though Chess Lamm has a record of 0-0 he went the distance against a more experienced fighter who trains at a legitimate team, Combat Club in Jacksonville NC. He won the fight. Watch him go against all odds to come out on top.

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Congratulations to John Perry for his promotion to Brown Belt in Jiu-Jitsu

I have had the privilege to train a student who have never quit. John Perry walked in my academy and told me, he he signed up for a Mixed Martial Arts Match. And could I prepare him for this match. He says I had a Little laugh under my breath, when I said “I can do the best I can” He didn’t realized that I have had at least 20 guys came through my doors that said the same thing that with in a few hours realized that they really didn’t have what it takes to get in the cage and represent Team GAMMA.

Lucky the event his was suppose to fight in was canceled, at that point I informed him he needed to get a GI and start preparing for the next event. He really didn’t realized what was in store for him. His toes was crusty from the mat burn and he told me later that he felt like a kid that thought he could swim but never could get any air.

John recalls me telling him that “it maybe a broken rake…. but at least it was a rake and can still get the job done!” people always worry about making it perfect but if you take action you will always do better then the people who take “no action!!”

Later after John Perry Won his first match in MMA. He told me, even though there was 5000 spectators in Dorton Arena in Raleigh NC screaming. He could hear my voice, telling him what to and what not to do. I have been honored to have trained him.

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James and Jay Speight will be in Williamston and Elizabeth City NC this week Sharing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

James Speight and Son Jay Speight will be teaching two training sessions with our brother clubs. Monday at 630pm they will be in Williamston NC at Jim Phifer’s academy at Nu Life Fitness 811 East blvd, right next to Roses in Williamston. And Wednesday at 5pm they will be at Donnie Tinsley’s academy at 1249 HWY 17 S. Suite 1 Elizabeth City. Hope everyone can attend.

On these two days classes in Greenville will be handled by George, Jason, Jack, Terrance and Gabe.

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