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Luiz Palhares Seminar

Master Luiz Palhares will be at our academy on Thursday, October 3rd at 5PM for the Children and 6PM for the adults. This is an event you don’t want to miss.

“Master Luiz Palhares is an 8th degree, Coral Red White Belt Under Grand Master Helio Gracie and Master Rickson Gracie. Luiz was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, on January 19, 1959. He started training in Rio De Janeiro in 1977 at the age of 18 under Rolls Gracie and continued to train with him until Rolls died in 1982, in a hang-gliding accident. After Rolls’s passing, He continued to train under Rolls’s brother, Rickson Gracie. After 7 years of practicing BJJ, he was awarded his black belt in 1984 by Rickson Gracie together with Grand Master Helio Gracie. Luiz received his Coral belt in 2010 by Grand Master Carlos Robson Gracie, Red Belt 9th Degree (President of the Jiu-Jitsu Federation of Rio de Janeiro). In 1999, then a 6th degree black belt, Luiz was asked to move from Brazil to teach at Rickson Gracie’s Academy in Los Angeles. Master Luiz currently resides in Jacksonville, FL, where he and his son, black belt Pedro Palhares, run Jacksonville Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

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Ches Lamm First MMA fight!!!

Ches Lamm, fighter from Team GAMMA, Greenville Academy Mixed Martial Arts, took on a 2-1 fighter in Raleigh NC at Next Level Fight Club promotions. Even though Chess Lamm has a record of 0-0 he went the distance against a more experienced fighter who trains at a legitimate team, Combat Club in Jacksonville NC. He won the fight. Watch him go against all odds to come out on top.

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Training At Black House MMA with Machida, Gracie, Moontasi

Training At Black House MMA with Machida, Gracie, Moontasi

One Month from today Jay Speight will be stepping in the cage again in Greenville NC. In preparation for his up coming fight, this week Jay has been in California training with Black House MMA with several top athletes like Lyoto Machida, Rener Gracie, Kevin Casey, Kenny Johnson, James Moontasri, among others. Everyone at the gym is looking forward to seeing what our instructor will be bringing back to Greenville North Carolina.










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Want to Learn Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, or MMA Fast? Take Private Lessons.

Take a look at what chase is doing in a private lesson with Terrance, our Striking instructor. He has gotten really fast with his striking. Working both his stand up and his ground has really turned him into a beast. Just waiting to see what the future will hold for this young man.

Do You want to learn something Fast. Well the best way to learn fast is in private lessons. Both Jay and Terrance Teaches in Private lessons every week. Contact them to get what you want out of your training.

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Jay Speight Pro MMA Fighter Takes To The Cage Again.

Jay Speight Pro MMA Fighter Takes To The Cage Again.

Jay Speight will be fighting with Next Level Fight Club promotion at the Greenville Convention Center February 28th 2015. This will be his second professional match in Mixed Martial Arts. Having 15 fights and 5 titles under his MMA career he is one of the more seasoned fighters on the card.

If you would like to see the fights there will be tickets at the All-American Martial Arts Academy at 427 Evans Street, Greenville NC.

Jay;’s Opponent will be Joel Caudle, a really tough MMA fighter from Raleigh NC, this should be a really good fight.

You can Purchase tickets online, use code w0rd “JAY” to get the discount.

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Sometimes as a Coach you have a chance to make a difference in this sport of MMA.

Recently my team went to a smaller MMA event held in Hickory Va. And I had three fighters on this card. I was asked to corner a fighter who was in between teams at this time. Later in the evening we realized that two of the opponents, of our fighter, where not showing. So I asked to move my only fighter to the first fight so we could leave early.

But where did that leave the other fighter who didn’t have a team, that ended up to be the main event, at the end of the card?

Well he came to me and let me know that he really wanted me to stay and corner him. And yes I did give my word to corner him so I and my team stayed for the whole event to help him do as well as he did. I spent about 30 minutes asking about his back ground and what tools he had to go into the cage.

Well he did so well I wanted to give him the props for this fight. Later on other coaches came to me and let me know he was a good fighter on my team. I let them know he wasn’t on my team but he listened so well to my coaching I knew I had made a difference in this match. Wished I had a few more people like him who really wanted to fight.

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Throw Back Thursday. Four years ago today.

Throw Back Thursday.
Four years ago today. One of my students and good and loyal friend stepped in the cage for his First Mixed Martial Arts match. With the confidence only a Team GAMMA member could do. He came home with a win for us. Today he will teach a class in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the first time. So proud of how far he has come in four short years.

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