Parents Have Been Calling Us For Help

So since school started this year we have had a lot of calls from frustrated parents. They are telling us that for some reason this year, Almost on day one, their child is having problems with bullying. They are also telling us that this has never been a problem before and now their child is scared to go to school. They asked for our help because now they know their child is not prepared. This has been what we have been doing for the children for 18 years now. Here is a Video from a few years ago where we did a report on the local news. If you need our help please hit the yellow tab and we will be at your service.

Author Bio

James Speight is an accomplished Martial Arts Instructor. Who founded Team GAMMA. He is a Black Belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Under Luiz Palhares. Many of his students have had very successful Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu-jitsu competitions all over the country.

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