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Come Out Tonight for Free Boot Friday.

Just wanted to let everyone know there will be a free boot Friday tonight in the downtown area. Music Food Drinks. As we have said before come down for a good training session, and stay awhile and enjoy the entertainment. Park in the parking garage as normal after 5PM all the leased spots are available for free parking.

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Our Close Relationship With ECU

The All-American Martial Arts Academy has always had a close relationship with ECU. We are located blocks from the East Carolina University campus, right in the heart of Up-Town Greenville NC. A lot of our students who live on campus walk to our classes. And others who drive find our location very convenient. The fighting Pirates are in our blood and always will be.

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Student of the Week Brandon Gorman

This weeks Student of the week is Brandon Gorman. He is a dedicated father and husband. Both Brandon and his wife are college professors, Brandon at UNC chapel Hill and his wife at East Carolina University. Here is what he had to say about training with us.

“My favorite thing about training at GAMMA has to be the people. The coaching is excellent, and all of the instructors are patient and thorough. They are the perfect blend of tough and flexible. The other students are also great – I think it’s rare to find serious fighters helping novices work on their game, but this happens every day at GAMMA. I’ve moved around a lot recently and taken trial classes at gyms in Raleigh and Chapel Hill and it wasn’t until I got to Greenville and started training at GAMMA that I fell in love with Jiu-Jitsu. I’m not exaggerating when I say the first time I stepped on the mat was a life-changing experience. I’m a full-time student, parent, and teacher, so it can be hard to find the time and energy to train sometimes, so I am definitely lucky to have such a fantastic community keeping me rolling.”


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ECU Pirate Mascot ARRGGHH!!

When East Carolina University was originally formed it was a “Teacher College” and was known as “The Teachers” so originally the pirate mascot was imaged after Edward Teach the infamous Black Beard Pirate from North Carolina. The tie in to Edward Teach and “The Teachers” didn’t catch on, so they changed it later to the “The Pirates”. Over the years the Pirate mascot was changed, from his image and his name, to be more children friendly.

Kind of interesting that the Pirate Nation started out from a unsavory outlaw with a dark image as the one I shared.

How ever the Pirates Mascot was Started, I know when I a traveling around the nation and sometimes around the world, if someone asks me where I am from, I will tell them Greenville North Carolina, if they look puzzled I say Eastern North Carolina, and then maybe I will say ECU Pirates. Then they know.


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