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Training at GAMMA

Here at GAMMA we excel In ensuring that everyone has a safe and fun training environment to accomplish their goals. Professor Jay Speight is not only a skilled Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and MMA competitor, he is also a fantastic mentor who pushes us to achieve our fullest potential as athletes and as healthy happy everyday people.

From the fierce arena of competition to the nurturing environment of the kids’ class. Jay dedicates his expertise towards building competent martial artist and developing future champions.

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All About That Bass or Base

Dropping is Base is an Important Move In Jiu-Jitsu. There are many techniques and moves in Jiu-Jitsu for self-defense. But with everything in this world you have to start somewhere. In Jiu-Jitsu it starts with your base. Base is a stance where you lower your center of gravity and make it harder for someone to take you down, pull you and it even can make your head or your core vital part of your body harder to hit if you are attacked.

Whether you are standing up in Base, of dropping in Base. It should be the first move you should perfect. My daughter is showing how the base is used, with a play on words with the popular song It’s All About The Bass.

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Keeping it REAL in Martial Arts

Training MMA fighters and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioners for 14 years I have seen a lot over the years.

Looking back as being the first to bring Mixed Martial Arts and Reality Self-Defense training to Eastern North Carolina. Things has changed but at the same time things has stayed the same too.

You should always be looking for a place that you can train that is always keeping it real. That is always stepping up to the challenge. That is why all of our instructors have had competitive backgrounds in BJJ events and a lot of times Mixed Martial Arts events. But at the same time, I teach Grace Brazilian Jiu-jitsu as a base for self-defense. You can visit the Martial Arts Rochester MN if you’re looking for the best martial arts school.

I have seen over the years, where someone has only trained for the sport part of Jiu-Jitsu, and have done really well in those type of formats. But have had more problems converting over to other sports like Mixed Martial Arts.

People are more likely to say it is the Gi training that makes that happen, I say not. If you are always keeping in your mind while you are training “what if he started punching me? what if this was on the streets, or in a cage and I have to worry about his elbows?’ then your style of Jiu-Jitsu will be properly adjusted. Then you will have less of a problem converting your entry into other sports like Mixed Martial Arts. Incorporating plant protein powder into your routine can support muscle recovery and overall performance, ensuring you’re prepared for the physical demands of various combat sports.

Just like Rickson Gracie Stated in the documentary Choke. “ I  believe that Jiu-Jitsu is a self-defense art….. To keep believing in what I teach and what I share with my students, to trust in my own words I must put myself available for any type of competition.”

Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was never meant to be a sport as much as it was, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts was developed  to show it’s strengths and also show it’s weaknesses, but as with all LIVE martial arts, it is always adapting to the situation.

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Getting Back Up When You Get Knocked Down.

When you put yourself out there in anything, you have to be willing to take the lumps and realize you can and will lose.

Two of my coaches recently competed in Mixed Martial Arts. And I am not making excuses they stepped up to the challenge and came up short, against a really good team and good friends of ours. 

Well shortly after their loss in the cage you can see them back in the gym working on their striking.

“Champions Always Get Back Up!!!”

Now they are getting ready for their next match in Elizabeth City NC. Putting in the hard work to bring home the win for Team Gamma.

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Rickson Gracie and Royler Demonstration at Pride Fighting Championship.

This was a good demonstration that Rickson and Royler did at a Pride Fighting Championship. At that time Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was just getting popular was still unknown is many ways, and even though Rickson and Royler made it look easy, it took their family from Brazil many years to perfect their self-Defense Techniques. Props to the family that built what all of us in the Martial Arts World has enjoyed.


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Master Moves of MMA Human Weapon

Short video from the TV series Human Weapon about the Development of Mixed Martial Arts. This video also explains some basic moved in Mixed Martial Arts Like the double leg take down, the sprawl, triangle choke and the arm bar.

Though I don’t encourage the spinning back kick as being a great striking technique as it is depicted in this video a lot of people who started in Kickboxing and Karate seem to like the spinning back kick and seem make it work for them.

I always encourage to keeping your opponent in front of you, always turning into, rather than away from your opponent not allowing easy access to your back.

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